” Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy. “

収穫 Shūkaku

I made a painting based on the energy I captured and presented as a builder so that each owner could feel the vibrations to be more excited and as an affirmation for life.

Color is the most dominant element and also the most relative aspect in design and life. Perception of color involves human psychological and physiological responses, when viewed from psychological or human emotions, the meanings and meanings of the colors that exist can show the impression of feelings about something, object, light, eyes and the brain are involved in complex sensation and perception processes.

From the explanation above, it can be explained that in addition to only being seen with the eye, it turns out that color can convey messages to influence a person’s behavior, influence aesthetic judgment and also determine whether someone likes an object or not.

Psychologically, the meaning of the color yellow leads to the color that is the happiest, flashy and also blends with extroverts. This color is usually used by people who want to appear or want to be noticed by others.

The yellow color means warmth and a sense of happiness and as if it wants to generate a desire to play. In other words, this color also means optimism, enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Therefore individuals who like yellow tend to be wiser and smarter from an academic perspective, so they are more creative and clever at creating original ideas.

Based on the perspective of psychology, dark blue can stimulate clear thinking and light blue helps calm the mind and improve concentration, this is because blue can give a professional and trusting impression. Blue is believed to stimulate communication skills, artistic expression and is also a symbol of strength.

When it comes to personality types, blue is associated with melancholy types. Reduced light blue can give off a sense of calm.

In life, we plant seeds everywhere we go.
Some fall on fertile ground needing very little to grow.
Some fall on rocky soil requiring a tad bit more loving care.
While others fall in seemingly barren land and no matter what you do; it appears the seed is dead.

Nevertheless, every seed planted will have a ripple effect.
You could see it in the present or a time not seen yet.
So be wise about where you plant your seeds.
Be very mindful of your actions & deeds.
Negativity grows just as fast if not faster than positivity.
Plant seeds of kindness, love and peace
And your harvest will be abundant living.

Not only decorating your room to make it look special. The paintings I’ve made are also visual symbols and magnets to manifest your desire to live in a better and more comfortable dwelling. Impression of luxury is a bonus and you deserve to enjoy it.