About Arlan Prata


Arlan Prata was born and raised in Bandar Lampung, Sumatra. He came to Bali has been observation of arts and culture, inspired him to express an energy into the medium of painting. Arlan’s creativity, technique, and powerful presentation. He moved to Bandung and realeased his artwork in abstract paintings, he poured all the stories that happened to him or his surroundings and poured it into paintings. Inspire Japanese style or use symbols of magical art of the contemporary world.

His character are usually royal, healing magnetic, affaction, power, luxurious and silent with deep look. The knife stroke technique creates an implementation of energy as aura wich hes a spectrum of colors and represent literal. The combination of color and shape from the stroke of the knife symbolizes most of his artworks and make them closer to the abstract or pop abstractsionism style.

Uising the highest quality materials and always hand made. All artworks are original, everything is custom made. You will never be able to find the same photos, designed the screen prints anywhere, because we have taken the photos, designed the screen prints and created the paintings.

Each and every artwork is limited in time or quantity. He really focused on making each artwork special. Once an artwork says “sold out ” on the website, it is never made again…. no matter what! He only use local craftsman and suppliers because he truly believe in supporting local business. Every little part that makes up each artwork has been sourced or made in Bandung. All artwork packaging is 100% recyclable.